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Athammas Kitchen

Our story

Behind every dish at Athamma’s Kitchen lies a heartfelt story of love and care from Surekha Garu. Recognizing the profound connection her family and friends had with the flavors of home, especially when miles away on travels, Surekha Garu mastered the art of preparing traditional, travel-friendly meals. Her cooking was not just sustenance but a soothing balm for the homesick soul, a warm reminder of the laughter-filled kitchens back at home.

Chiranjeevi Garu, spending over 200 days a year on film sets, was the inspiration behind these nourishing creations. Surekha Garu made sure he never missed a taste of home, packing him meals that brought comfort and a slice of the Konidela home, wherever he was. These meals are now shared with you, capturing the essence of our family’s love and tradition, one dish at a time.


Customer Testimonials

"The rasam masala from Athamma's Kitchen is a game-changer! It has an unbelievable depth of flavor and the right amount of spice. I used to struggle to get my rasam just right, but now it tastes just like my grandmother's recipe. Highly recommended!"

Ramesh Rao

"As an IT professional, upma has always been a go-to breakfast for me, and the upma masala from Athamma's Kitchen makes it even better. It's fragrant, flavorful, and so easy to use. It's time-saving and convenient for me."

Ramya Sree

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