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Launched on the auspicious day of Surekha Konidela’s birthday, Athamma’s Kitchen is a heartfelt tribute to the culinary traditions of the Konidela family, lovingly spearheaded by Upasana Konidela. Inspired by the rich heritage of home-cooked meals passed down through generations, our kitchen is more than just a place of cooking—it’s where our family’s history, joy, and love are served on a plate. Each recipe at Athamma's Kitchen is crafted with care, using natural preservation methods and the finest ingredients, to bring you the comfort and nostalgia of home-cooked food. Our journey begins with a commitment to make your cooking experience delightful and to honor those who nourish us with their toil—the farmers. In every dish from Athamma’s Kitchen, we serve not just food, but stories of love, tradition, and community.



At Athamma's Kitchen, we are dedicated to bringing you the essence of authentic home cooking through our treasured family recipes. Founded on the values of purity and tradition, our mission is to provide food that is free from preservatives, ensuring a healthy, fresh, and delicious experience with every meal. We honor the hard work of our dedicated farmers by sourcing only the highest quality ingredients. Our commitment extends beyond the kitchen, as we strive to infuse love, joy, and warmth into the culinary delights we offer, making each dish a celebration of life and family heritage.


To become the preferred choice for travelers seeking nutritious and flavorful dry home foods

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